So for Christmas,

I got a watch.

My 8 year old sister got the new white ipod touch with 2 camera’s.

Me, jealous? Not at all..

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I told her I loved her, she said “No, you don’t”. Than I said “I do” and she hung up the phone. I called her back, she said “leave me alone”, I was crying a river because I should’ve known. Then she text me like “remember the first time we spoke?” She said “Don’t catch feelings or I’m gone need healing” I started giggling, but it’s not a joke. If I give you my heart, you gone get it back broke.. </3

Up early, making moves.
  • Barber shop
  • Thrift Store
  • Visit family
  • Christmas parties

Let’s see if I throw "Smoke a blunt" in between one of those.

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Mom ruined my night.
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I like Honey Cocaine, so so much.
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I just can’t.

I don’t trust girls. I talk to the quietest, baddest, girls around and alot of them have boyfriends. If I can get a girl to easily cheat on her boyfriend, how easy must it be for another guy to do the same to my girlfriend? 

"I made her cheat on her man, what makes me think she won’t be cheating again?"

My New Year’s Resolution.

For 2012, I have alot of things that I wanna do. The number one is to stop smoking weed. I’m going to take 2012 and put full focus on my music, school and hopefully working. I’m ganna get on my shit, because I really want to move out my house by the summer. But enough, because action’s indeed do speak louder than word’s so I will just do and let my action’s speak for themselves.

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I wish I could go back to the way things were before, but I can’t..

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The way you make me laugh when I don’t even wanna smile..
When I smoke I think about everything, when I drink I forget. .
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