im actually really depressed inside.

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I’m out to SoHo.

Too many bad things happening to me all at once, I need an escape from all this before I seriously break down..

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I listen to Kanye every morning.
I think if I meet Kanye West, I’ll probably breakdown crying.
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That’s it.

I’m tired of everybody just trying to have fun. Everybody want’s to stand around and be the neighborhood, party and this extra bullshit. I’m going to start a group, more like a movement and we’re going to put in work in everything. Photographers, rappers, singers, dancers, producers, etc. It’s time for me to stop fucking with niggas who are just ganna hold me back, I need people who are willing to do whatever it takes to be successful.

"Everybody want’s to be famous, but nobody is willing to work." - Kevin Hart.

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I rather listen to Sir Michael Rocks than any other artist at this moment in my life.
I am addicted to Fashion.
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I was ganna go to school but,

I changed my mind. Ima go walk around the park, I got alot of shit on my mind.